Intrusive bugs prevent playing Hunters Clash

Hunters Clash has appeared on Google Play. She has an interesting idea, but average execution.

Developers from Saratov have released the game Hunters Clash. This is an action game with an isometric camera and simple gameplay: stop to attack, swipe to dodge and be healthy. There are four classes to choose from: archer, warrior, magician and alchemist. The gameplay is as follows – you need to run around the map with rival players and try to pump faster in the allotted time. As you level up, you need to choose one of two random abilities.

If you level up your account in the Hunters Clash, the PvP arena will open soon, and you will receive gold and trophies for victories. So far, the game has a score of 3.8 on Google Play; from the comments, one can judge that gamers are haunted by bugs that do not change with updates. For example, if you pick up a fire perk, then Hunters Clash completely freezes. It is also unclear exactly how the project will develop, because the music and locations in it do not change, and the rivals are too stupid to overtake you on points.

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