Star Wars Hunters: Zynga revealed the roster of heroes and their abilities

Star Wars: Hunters has got a new trailer, in which we were shown the characters. Zynga also talked about a trial run on iOS.

Star Wars: Hunters is gearing up for release in 2023 on smartphones and the Nintendo Switch. To prepare the players, publisher Zynga showed a gameplay trailer. Available characters will include droids, clones, Wookiees, Sith, Jedi, and bounty hunters. Most of the heroes simply differ in the type of damage, melee or ranged. But some have interesting abilities, for example, Zaina buffs himself and allies, and the clone shoots a machine gun, puts up a shield and even calls for reinforcements.

Features of Star Wars: Hunters

  • Real-time and 4v4 battles
  • Cross-play between announced platforms
  • Lack of auto-mode
  • Big roster of heroes

When will Star Wars: Hunters be released?

According to the official website, this will happen in 2023. At the moment, the game is being tested in Southeast Asia, but only on Android. Judging by information from foreign sources, early next year there will be an early launch on iOS.

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