What’s New in Patch 3.1 for Battlefield 2042 Coming on December 9th?

The next patch for Battlefield 2042 will be released tomorrow. Pleasant innovations and correction of “annoying” errors await us.

Major fixes:

  • Improved registration of bullet hits
  • Changed dispersion and recoil when firing
  • Additionally, the damage of 30 mm, 40 mm and 57 mm guns of ground vehicles against infantry has been reduced
  • 40mm AP grenades now properly damage vehicles
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player could become invisible to the enemy
  • Fixed several bugs related to grenades and grenade launchers
  • Improved game menu interaction for Xbox users to make it easier to opt out of cross-platform play
  • The overall quality of sounds in the game has been significantly improved, their clarity, range of perception and positioning have been improved
  • Fixed a bug due to which after joining the server the equipment kits on the deployment screen were sometimes empty, not allowing you to select weapons
  • Reduced the effective combat range and health level of the “Ranger”
  • Removed the bounce of rifle grenades when firing at short distances
  • Reload animation for DXR-1 and NTW-50 rifles increased by 0.2 s
  • Changed recoil values ​​to prevent severe barrel scuffing for AK24, LCMG, PKP-BP, SFAR-M GL and PP-29
  • Increased the damage and stability of the MCS-880 at close range when using bullet or arrow-core cartridges
  • Fixed a bug with bullets flying below the scope for SFAR-M GL and K30
  • The explosion time of frag grenades has been increased from 1.1 to 1.4 seconds. after the first bounce
  • Reduced maximum ammo for frag and incendiary grenades from 2 to 1
  • Fixed a bug due to which the LATV4 Recon of the occupying troops appeared at the wrong time or did not appear at all

A complete list of changes is available on the official website.

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