Download Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0 for Android Free: Full Game Version, Second Part of the Cave Minecraft Update 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0

Download the cave update Minecraft PE 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0 for android, which will add a new generation, biomes and mechanics to the game: music, lush caves, aquifers, noise caves, icy peaks.

Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0: Full Version

In the new version of Minecraft PE, items have been added, which are the second part of the “Caves and Rocks” update. New caves, mountains, blocks and more.


There is new music that will be played in new biomes in Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0. Each underground and mountain biome has its own unique melody. The music was written by composers Lena Rein and Kumi Tamioka.

Also in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0, a new music record has been added, which can be found in chests. She is the rarest in the game and is named “otherside”.

Lush caves

Lush Caves is a new underground biome that can be found in Minecraft PE 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0. It is a beautiful and unique biome that looks like an underground oasis with lots of greenery and light.

The greenery in the Minecraft 1.18.0 cave is obtained from lianas, moss, roots and azalea trees. Luminous berries hang beautifully from the ceiling and emit light. The lush caves of MCPE 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.50 often contain neat clay ponds in which axolotls swim.


These are new underground reservoirs that can be generated regardless of sea level in Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0. Aquifers are also called underwater caves because they are made entirely of water. Magma blocks can often be found at the bottom, which create a downward current.

Minecraft Bedrock aquifers 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0 contain an abnormal amount of valuable ores. Large quantities of gold or diamonds can be found in them. Luminous octopuses or fish can also be found in this biome. Fish spawn if the biome is under a river or ocean.

Noise caves

Noise Caves is a biome that does not have its own generation requirements in Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0. Noise caves look unique every time. But there are several specific types of caves that are noise caves.

These are cheese caves, which are so large that you can fly in them on elytra. Also, the cheese caves have aquifers and a lot of ore. Another type of noisy caves is spaghetti. The caves in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.18.0, 1.18.30 and 1.18.50 spaghetti are a network of long tunnels that are interconnected like noodles.

Glacial peaks

Glacial Peaks is one of three large mountain biomes in Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0. This biome spawns on small peaks that have a smooth surface and extend very far.

Glacial Peaks are generated in mountains that border plains, forests, or snow biomes. You can recognize these mountains by the layers of loose snow and ice.

Download Minecraft 1.18.50, 1.18.30 and 1.18.0

  • Name: Minecraft Bedrock;
  • Game version: 1.18 Release;
  • Operating System: Android;
  • Russian language;
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft;
  • Author: Mojang Studios;
  • Xbox Live: Working;
  • License: Free;
  • Download:

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