In the second chapter of Teardown, you have to fend off robots and roam the tropical island

Tuxedo labs preparing a major update Part 2 for a simulator of devastating robberies Teardown… Judging by the trailer, players will find new maps, enemies, weapons and vehicles, as well as weather conditions.

The video showed two fresh locations:

  • A snow-covered mountain base, guarded by bloodthirsty robots. They have flamethrowers and machine guns in their arsenal, but it seems they shouldn’t swim. If there is no reservoir nearby, bullets will cope with aggressive androids. Also beware of hurricanes – they can easily lift the raider into the air.

  • Island with palm trees. It is possible that in this place you will often have to rely on water transport.

New weather conditions apply not only to places from Part 2… In the video, you can see that the old Hollowrock location is covered with snow, and the tornado flew over the existing Frustrum map.

The update will appear in Teardown from December 2. The game can be purchased on Steam. It’s important to note that the simulator is still in Early Access.

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