“Great graphics and sound.” Users compared the same circuit in Gran Turismo 6 and 7

On Youtube channel MotoGamesTV comparison came out Gran turismo 6 with the gameplay video of the seventh part provided by the developers. The action takes place on a fictional track Deep forest raceway, which appeared in the first part, and since then has been recreated in all numbered issues.

In addition to the obvious advantage in graphics, users were surprised by the updated sound, the refined dashboard and even the head movements that add dynamics to the gameplay.

“Head movement adds realism to Gran Turismo 7. I really like it.”

“The updated car interiors look great! Much more dynamic and lively. “

“It’s amazing how much better the sound has become in the series.”

“I really love the improvements to the dashboard and cockpit view, much better than the still camera from GT Sport! I hope that the game will also have a field of view setting. “

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