Red Dead Redemption 3 leaked by Rockstar

While players from all over the world await the announcement Gta 6, the network has leaked information about the development of another equally expected game from the company Rockstar games entitled Red dead redemption 3

Netizens have noticed new information on Red Dead Redemption 3. It appears that a Rockstar Games employee accidentally leaked development information to the network. One of the Rockstar developers’ LinkedIn profile mentions the action game Red Dead Redemption 3. If this is not some mistake, it means that the development of Red Dead Redemption 3 began shortly after the release. Red dead redemption 2… The release of the second part took place at the end of 2018, and the development of Red Dead Redemption 3, apparently, began at the end of 2019.

The profile of the Rockstar Games employee says that he has been developing AI vehicles for Red Dead Redemption 3 and other Rockstar projects over the past two years. It is worth noting that the profile also mentions the game itself Red Dead Redemption 2, so perhaps the developer just made a mistake. Nevertheless, this was enough for many fans to believe that Rockstar Games, in addition to creating GTA VI, is also developing Red Dead Redemption 3. According to some players, the release of Red Dead Redemption 3 is inevitable, given the success of the second part. However, when this game will be released is still a question.

It’s worth noting that neither Grand Theft Auto 6 nor Red Dead Redemption 3 has yet been announced by Rockstar Games. At the same time, according to numerous rumors and leaks, the first of them will definitely be GTA 6.

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