Police Sim 2023 will put you in the cop’s seat

Police Sim 2023 lets you become a police officer who decides the fate of criminals. But do you have the courage?

Police Sim 2023 is a simulator of a police officer who chases criminals, blocks their way and breaks them on the ground. The developers have tried to improve the graphics and interface, so the car models look solid, gazelles are driving along the road, and we can turn on the siren, emergency lights, turn signals and so on. I will also note the physics of transport, from which even a small curb will make the wheelbarrow bounce. The task in Police Sim 2023 begins after we reach the desired point. And already on the first call, we see how the jeep runs over a pedestrian and tries to hide.

Mission types in Police Sim 2023

  • Parking and radar – we write out fines for parking in the wrong place
  • Fugitive – car interception
  • The pursuit – tracking the car from a distance
  • Surveillance – filming illegal activities

The developments promise pedestrians, frequent updates, changing weather and the ability to choose your own police officer.

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