COMPETITION: Wins two Alien Surface protective foils

I already told you it’s gift month, right? Today is the turn of a new contest, this time organized by ArenaIT and Alien Surface.

If last week we gave you a discount code for their protective foils, this time we offer as a gift for two lucky readers protective foils from Alien Surface Romania. Everyone will be in possession of a full body foil for the phone model they own.

COMPETITION: Wins two Alien Surface protective foils

I told you more about Alien Surface here. They convinced me to be their client even further, so I ordered another foil for the future iPhone 13 Pro Max in the family!

To win the prizes, all you have to do is leave us a comment on this article telling us how you broke your smartphone because you didn’t use a protective film. Although I will not participate, I will start: six years ago, at the former company where I worked, I was involved in organizing an event such as Open Day, where, among other things, we had a parking lot full of cars that had products of ours on them. And since there were quite expensive cars among them (electric cars, limousines, trucks or tractors), only a few of us kept the keys. And so, I managed the performance of scratching the display of both phones – personal and business.

Before I start commenting, here are the rules:

  • In order to participate, you must have at least 10 other comments from the same user on ArenaIT.
  • there will be two winners, one for each foil.
  • we, the editors, will choose the winners, depending on how funny, tragic or interesting the comment is.
  • for judging, we will consider only the comments from this article written until 17.12.2021, not the ones on the facebook page.

Good luck!

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