Amber heard after defeating Johnny Depp accused of assaulting his assistant

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Aquaman 2 star Amber Heard was accused of assaulting the actress’s former assistant, who had worked for the movie star for more than three years.

Kate James, who previously worked as an assistant to actress Amber Heard, accused her of constant humiliation and insults. As it became known to, according to Kate James, she worked for actress Amber Heard for more than three years and almost every day the movie star humiliated and insulted her. According to Kate James, the star of “Aquaman 2” Amber Heard could lose her temper over any trifle and took all the anger out on her. “She was often blind with anger and lost her temper for any reason, and I was to blame for everything that went wrong,” said former assistant Amber Heard. “She literally could scream and insult me ​​for hours,” recalls Kate James. The former assistant also said that Amber Heard spoke humiliatingly and contemptuously about the actor who lost his role in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” Johnny Depp, even before their wedding.

The news came as no surprise to fans of the actress, as Aquaman 2 star Amber Heard has already been accused of domestic violence committed against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Due to litigation with Amber Heard, popular actor Johnny Depp has lost the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 from Disneyas well as the role of the villain Grindelwald in the movie “Fantastic Beasts 3”. The drama around the divorce of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has been stirring up the Internet for quite some time, and Johnny Depp even said that because of the scandal he was boycotted by Hollywood.

According to, after a high-profile divorce with Johnny Depp, a star who lost her role in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Amber Heard not only did not lose her roles in future blockbusters, but was also able to increase her fees from filming. At the moment, Amber Heard is filming Aquaman 2, despite a petition from Johnny Depp fans demanding that the actress be removed from the film. After filming Aquaman 2, the actress was offered a more expanded role in the future Aquaman 3 sequel from DC

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