Blade Girl: Idle RPG helps pass the time in traffic

Blade Girl: Idle RPG has appeared on the Asian Google Play. The game is suitable for busy people.

Blade Girl: Idle RPG is an anime-style RPG in which our heroine deals with slugs and other fantasy creatures herself. Gradually, we complete daily tasks and also earn achievements. The game also has a battle pass with two paths, free and premium. For the gold earned, you can improve the skills of the heroine, thanks to which she will inflict even more damage.

Blade Girl: Idle RPG is available on Philippine Google Play, no iOS version information. Every day, the developers promise rewards, in addition to this, they can be obtained through AFK battles when you exit the game. Over time, it will turn out to call some “Saints” to help in battle. At level 10, players will open up challenges in the form of complex dungeons, they even require a separate key.

In terms of gameplay feel, Blade Girl clearly has Asian roots, plus a small budget. This is not the first project of fleximindg studio, before that it released Girl Alone – a simulator of “hikikomori”, people who abandoned social life.

Google Play (Philippines)

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