Former BioWare Writer Not Confident About Mass Effect Series Success

On the eve it became known that Amazon is going to take on a series based on Mass effect – the agreement is practically signed. While some of those involved in the franchise supported the idea and offered their help, others, on the contrary, doubted the success of the film adaptation.

So, the screenwriter of the first two parts ME Drew Karpishin (Drew Karpyshyn) and composer of the trilogy Sam Hulick (Sam Hulick) admitted that they would be happy to participate in the project. Former lead screenwriter BioWare David Gaider (David Gaider) notedthat I am pleased with the decision to adapt Mass effect in the form of a series, not a movie. However, the very idea of ​​moving the franchise to small screens jars him.

  • In the opinion Heider, problems will begin already at the stage of choosing the gender of the protagonist – no matter how the authors of the series act, the supporters of the rejected version of Shepard will remain unhappy.

  • In the game, the main character is a rather boring character – a “blank sheet” that users fill out themselves, making certain decisions. You can’t do that on a show, so all of a sudden the lead character will have a character and story of its own.

Former BioWare Writer Not Confident About Mass Effect Series Success

Think how much the fanbase has become attached to the associates. Now imagine that, heck, there is no one way to fit them all in the story in the same way. Think of the furious screams when character X gets a cameo … or not at all.

  • Even in games, only a few partners receive a significant amount of screen time in one playthrough. Geyder I’m sure the episodic model will do a better job of capturing a few minor characters. But another problem will arise – constant jumps from the main line of the narrative to the side ones.

Former BioWare Writer Not Confident About Mass Effect Series Success

  • Former screenwriter BioWare does not exclude the fact that the stories of minor characters can go under the knife in order to focus the viewer’s attention on the plot. This decision can be the main mistake of the authors of the series:

Take it all away, throw out most of the teammates and you end up with … a pretty average fantasy or sci-fi show, and most fans are likely to scream and be unhappy even before the project comes out.

  • Geyder does not consider direct adaptation the right way for film adaptation, since a large proportion of the audience of the future show will probably be unfamiliar with the series Mass effect… Instead, he suggests taking the path Marvelwhen the writers don’t always stick to the source.

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