Genshin Impact – Event Details for Bantan Sango: Dog Warrior, Open World Animal Catching System

On December 7th, the Action / RPG Genshin Impact launches a new in-game event called The Bangtan Sango Affair: The Dog Warrior. You are going to help a detective agency investigate the mass disappearance of animals and receive a large number of different awards. Here you will find all the information you need to know about this event.

Dates: December 7 – 20

To participate in the “Case of Bantan Sango: Dog-Warrior”, you must have a rank of 30 adventures, as well as complete the Archons quest “Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia.” Go to the specified location, use the omnipresent web and rescue the abducted animals.

The event will consist of several stages. To unlock the next one, you must complete all the tasks of the previous one.

Ubiquity web

Once you equip this item, the elemental skill will be replaced by the netting ability. To aim, you need to hold the skill button. Use the net to rescue missing animals.

When the Bantan Sango Affair: Dog Warrior ends, players will be able to obtain the Omnipresent Web from Wakamurasaki. Up to five such networks will be available weekly. With this item, you will have the opportunity to capture the essence of a small animal, and then recreate its shape.

The recreated animals can then be placed in the Teapot of Serenity. It is worth considering that not all animals are available for capture. For example, you cannot recreate those sold by the spirit of the teapot. Animals that can be caught will be marked with a corresponding icon in the archive.

Search Zone: Secret Hideout

You can start testing only when you are near the activation point. If you leave a specific area, the challenge will be interrupted, but progress will continue. You need to find and rescue animals that are located throughout the zone. First you need to observe what is happening and find all the places with animals, and only then act.

Search Zone: The secret hideout is guarded by bunsin hounds, who are experienced fighters. Defeating them will not be an easy task, so it is best to avoid contact with this enemy. Pay close attention to the line of sight of the dogs and do not fall within the radius of their visibility. As soon as you are noticed, they will immediately attack. The omnipresent web can help cope with the bunxin dogs. If you catch them, you will neutralize them for a while.

Smoke generators and fireworks are also installed in the location. To use them, it is enough to touch or attack the mechanisms. Smoke generators will help hide from the sight of the bunsin dogs, and fireworks will distract the attention of opponents.

Animals that need to be rescued are marked with a special tag. It changes if they are within the coverage of the ubiquitous network. Applying the skill, you can catch and carry away the marked animals.

Search area: Den of Thieves

This test is similar to the previous ones. Only in the Search Zone: Den of thieves, you must first defeat the surrounding enemies, and then open the cage with animals.

Challenge: Dog Trail

After completing the previous challenges, the Challenge: Dog Trail will become available to you. It can be completed in co-op mode, but players need to complete their challenge Challenge: Dog’s Trail to do so.


For completing the tasks of the “Case of Bantan Sango: Dog-Warrior”, players will receive stones of the source, books of the hero’s experience, mora and other items.

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