Hurry up to take part in MBT Payday: Crime War on Android

PopReach studio has opened test servers for Payday: Crime War. You are also invited.

Payday: Crime War is a first-person shooter with an emphasis on multiplayer. Players are divided into two teams: bandits and policemen. The task of the first is to drill the safes and take the loot, the second must prevent this. So far, the graphics are not the best, although it may depend on the settings. The gameplay is a little clumsy, in fact, players are measured by damage – who will fill up the enemy faster. There are no tactics in the form of shelters, grenades and other gadgets, at least in battles with newcomers.

Before the start of the match, the player can choose a body kit, this applies to armor, special equipment, primary and secondary weapons. Various skins are also available that need to be knocked out. If you have someone to play with, there can be up to four people in the lobby. Some heists are PvE. While searching for players can calmly take about one minute, please be patient.

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