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Ahead is the last month of this difficult 2023, which has given us a lot of transfers of interesting games, disappointing releases and some really good projects. Of course, December is primarily intended to take stock of the outgoing year and be ready for a new one. Therefore, developers are not lining up to release their game this month, when many are busy with the pre-New Year rush and preparation, and none of them have the desire to fix bugs on the holiday weekend. Of course, there are those studios that are confident in their projects, and therefore boldly release them during this period of time. And today we will see what mobile games the developers have prepared for us as New Year and Christmas gifts.


Following Lineage W, the South Korean developer NCSoft is going to give the whole world and mobile platforms another MMORPG based on this popular series, which promises to be “the very Line” that has won the hearts of many players. Therefore, all veterans should undoubtedly get ready for a new immersion in the vast seamless world of Aden, where new adventures and epic battles with other players and world bosses await them.

You shouldn’t worry about the graphics component, because the developers tried to use all the features of the Unreal Engine 4 game engine and created a beautiful game with carefully traced armor and detailed facial expressions for each of the five available races (humans, gnomes, elves, dark elves and orcs). Players now only have to wait for the release to fully enjoy the sequel to the popular Lineage 2 both on mobile platforms and on PCs through the Purple service.

Android and iOS release: December 2nd.

Postknight 2

Ever wondered about the hard work of a postman in the Middle Ages? It is here that you will have a great opportunity to become one of them and experience some of the nuances of this profession at that time.

You are a rookie of the knightly delivery service and it is not hard to guess what you have to do in this role. That’s just the same Middle Ages, which means you always need to be ready to meet wild animals and other troubles. But you are in the knightly service, and therefore you should always have a weapon at hand to fight for the safety of the delivered item, and a shield along with potions for your own protection. Of course, at the beginning they will be of mediocre quality, but by completing delivery tasks and receiving a reward for it, you can easily improve them to an acceptable level.

Android and iOS release: December 2nd.

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!

Prepare your fingers if you want to play this mobile rhythm game with famous Japanese virtual singers and singers or, as they are also called, Vocaloids. Here you can meet Miku Hatsune, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Len, Kaito and Meiko, as well as 20 completely new characters, which are divided into 5 musical groups.

The game itself takes place in Shibuya, Tokyo, where the mysterious song “Untitled” is distributed among young people, opening access to the new world of “Sekai”. In it, original characters can perform famous Vocaloid songs along with the popular virtual singers listed above, and you have to press, hold or swipe notes to the rhythm of the music.

Android and iOS release: December 7th.

One hand clapping

Another mobile game that is related to singing, only this time it’s not a rhythm, but a full-fledged two-dimensional platformer, where the player has to solve various puzzles using his voice, so this is suitable for those who play a smartphone only in their home and live in proud loneliness.

In addition to musical puzzle solving, the in-game world boasts colorful landscapes and interesting characters depicted in a minimalist style. If you have already thought that because of your vocal data you will never be able to complete this game, then this is not the case: the developers have provided for such a scenario and added a calibration function that will adjust the passage to your voice.

Android and iOS release: December 14th.

Alien: Isolation

Xenomorphs are moving from home platforms to mobile platforms to instill fear and horror anywhere. As in the original game, the player will have to escape from alien monsters on the Sevastopol space station, collecting various items along the way to create weapons that will help save lives from threatening danger.

According to the developers, they brought the full version of the 2014 horror to mobile platforms along with “AAA” graphics, an exciting story about daughter Ellen Ripley and a completely redesigned interface for the touch screen.

Android and iOS release: December 16.


While fans of the Diablo series await the release of Immortal on smartphones, the Korean developers who participated in the creation of Lost Ark and Lineage 2: Revolution plan to please players with their own action RPG on Unreal Engine 4 this year with an isometric view and a fantasy setting, where special attention will be paid to character development.

In addition to single-player PvE content, this Korean diabloid will have the opportunity to play with other players in co-op to battle powerful bosses, or challenge them and show off your PvP skills. In addition, the game is multiplatform, and therefore many will be able to play it not only on smartphones, but also on a PC.

Android and iOS release: sometime in December.

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