Halo Infinite campaign will not be able to replay story missions, 343 Industries is already working on a fix for this issue

This week, December 8, players will see the full release of the Halo Infinite shooter along with a campaign that, as it turned out, will not have the option to replay the story missions at the start. This is undoubtedly a big minus, because many fans will clearly want to go through some level again, and when they will be able to do this is unknown. While this opportunity will be available only after the start of a new save, that is, a new game.

343 Industries Assistant Creative Director Paul Crocker explained that the open world and non-linearity make it harder for developers to make missions replay. This does not mean that this feature is not being worked on, it is just that it is still incomplete.

We decided to make the game better and better, and then add all the missing features, just like with co-op. While it disappoints us as much as you do, it was the best option to make the game as good as possible.

Unfortunately, Crocker did not announce the exact release date for the “play story missions” feature, but said that the developers are currently working on it. In addition, he said that all collectibles will be associated with the account, not save files, so players will not lose them on a new playthrough of the game.

The full release of Halo Infinite will take place on December 8th on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. On the same day, the shooter will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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