Press called Halo Infinite “phenomenal” game and “greatest creation” 343i

The profile press began to roll out the first reviews of a fantastic shooter Halo infinitedesigned by studio 343 Industries… According to some reviewers, this isn’t just the best game in the series. Halo, but also the best game of this generation in principle.

“Halo Infinite is a phenomenal game that surpassed all my expectations. Elegantly combining new mechanics with the traditional Halo formula, 343 Industries has created their greatest creation. ”- Windows Central, 10/10.

“If Doom Eternal is an In-n-Out cheeseburger and chips, then Halo Infinite is a big city steak served with a bottle of deluxe red wine.” – Inverse, 10/10.

“Halo Infinite is a shining example of what Halo really is, and yet it feels fresh, bouncy and modern.” – Stevivor, 9.5 / 10.

“With Halo Infinite, 343 has finally surpassed all of Bungie’s achievements. Waiting for the Master Chief to return in such a delicious manner was definitely worth it. “- Player 2” 5- / 5 “

Release Halo infinite will take place on December 8 at PC and family consoles Xbox

But what about Infinite thinks our browser Anton Bely:

Halo Infinite is a high-quality shooter that fuses all familiar characters in an interesting way in the finale of the second trilogy. But to call it a game for everyone, unlike the great Halo 3, the language does not turn.

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