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Thanks to competitive interest, people are able to move mountains, break the dam of a technical crisis and create content where there is practically none at first. All of these points can be projected onto any area of ​​life, including our favorite video games. The topic of the origin of PvP is extremely extensive, today we will restrict ourselves to the framework of the MMORPG genre and find out how important battles between players are in massively multiplayer online role-playing games.


Each player has their own interests in the games. Fortunately, modern MMORPGs are able to satisfy almost all tastes of picky gamers. Here you will farm items, pumping, cleaning dungeons, large-scale sieges, arenas, crafts, mini-games, customization of everything possible and even a full-fledged plot. But why is this all? Having once discovered PvP in the open world against the background of small verbal skirmishes in the chat, I immediately realized that there is nothing better than the social component in an MMORPG. Yes, social networking combines a lot of aspects that allow players to interact with each other, but in this case we are talking about direct contact between players. A world where a fight for a spot with mobs can escalate into a guild war and the endless chatter in both directions is amazing. Players themselves generate huge amounts of content amid conflicts.

I will slightly step aside from the topic and clarify the time when the realization occurred to me that PvP as a phenomenon had reached a completely new level. I am the person who until recently ignored the boom in MMORPGs and continued to play Counter Strike 1.6, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament 2003 in computer clubs until the advent of my own PC. By that time, many games similar to Lineage 2 had already been released. And … it so happened that thanks to advertising I got acquainted with Chinese crafts in the face of Perfect World and Blood and Soul. An important clarification that the latest game has nothing to do with Blade and Soul, except for tens of thousands of players who were mistakenly trapped in a wonderful and extremely cruel world under the supervision of Gamenet.

The next 5 years disappeared in the fog of endless battles and the accompanying farming necessary to constantly improve the character. No modern arenas and battlegrounds will give the sensations of a fierce and practically useless battle in the middle of a crowded location, where everyone watched the nicknames painted in the coveted color, after which the meat grinder was just starting to gain momentum. In addition to massive battles, very often minor skirmishes arose, in which someone necessarily used the superpower “to go from the base” or called for help from a neighbor.

What is most surprising is the attitude of people at that time. The guild was united and could well become a second family, where, in addition to duties and powers, there are scandals, quarrels and other features of the social element in games. I still remember exactly the moment when a bow was stolen from the head of the guild, the cost of which was even difficult to imagine. For more than a year, the sickly girl rubbed herself into trust and eventually took the jackpot with her, along with this taking one of the most powerful guns in the game. And what is most surprising, after the incident, almost every member of the guild contributed to the craft of a new bow. Then, pretty much pumped up with alcohol, the head of the guild in tears of happiness shouted about endless love for each member of the guild. Surely you also have such stories, do not forget to share a couple in the comments.

This small lyrical digression is only a microscopic part of the interesting stories that happened in the vastness of the best and worst MMORPGs of all time. Players need a PvP tool to create content, not just consume it. This applies to arenas and battlegrounds, which, although they are an excellent alternative to the usual grind, do not allow realizing the full potential of the social component. EVE Online is the finest example of a modern MMORPG, showcasing the players’ desire and passion for engaging in PvP in all its forms. I admire this game against the backdrop of exciting stories about the confrontation of factions. From personal experience, the last game with a similar experience is ArcheAge at launch. An unforgettable time spent and, unfortunately, a predictable outcome.

Aside from social relationships, rivalry in MMORPGs almost always propels development. The most basic is the improvement of equipment and various pumping of the character. But it is much more important to master or improve your skills as a player. If there is no need to observe the rotation of skills, maintain buffs or move effectively around the battlefield, then most likely no one will do this for the sake of an imaginary increase. But if all of the above is necessary in order to bypass the enemy – the excitement will take its toll!

Modern PvP

Previously, all MMORPGs were tailored for the clan game and massive confrontation. Now, representatives of the genre are much more loyal to loners, who do not need to look for constant static and joint efforts to make their way for prey. Yes, not all games were affected, and the aforementioned EVE Online is a confirmation of this. But in general, the general trend is felt, the genre is trying to adapt to the new generation of gamers. I still can’t get rid of the feeling that in New World, skirmishes in the open world feel the same as arenas in MOBA Smite, and if we add dynamics and multiply the number of skills several times, then we will already get the MMORPG fighting game Blade and Soul.

The formula for successful PvP in MMORPGs has been squeezed into concentrated action and eventually reborn in session games. And this is logical, because in this way you can skip grinding, sharpening, collecting equipment, leveling and immediately plunge into the action. Only session games designed for separate sessions with a high intensity of events will not be able to become an MMORPG with all the desire, but on the contrary, it will come out. This has already been demonstrated by the example of in-game events in ArcheAge, Black Desert and in Kung Fu Legends. Undoubtedly, individual session modes are inferior to their full-fledged counterparts on all fronts, but this is already a matter of time, labor costs, technical capabilities and … a rational approach. It remains only to wait and hope for a bright future, where we will not hear about the launch of all upcoming MMORPGs on mobile platforms.

Echoes of a bygone era

At this point, I propose to collect a list of MMORPGs, where still there is activity and there is something to do for all battle lovers. For the sake of justice, I will only mention those games in which I personally left a lot of time and effort. The track record is quite modest, especially without taking into account the extinct games, so you are welcome to replenish it with your own games.

ArcheAge – massive PvP will have to look, and regularly changing servers. The entrance ticket will cost a decent amount, which decreases from the time spent on the grind.

Blade and Soul – definitely worth paying attention to for all fans of duels. I would like to say that the game has changed a lot after moving to a new engine, but, alas, only the system requirements have changed a lot.

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