“Trains to Busan” director has plans for the next film in the franchise


The director of “Train to Busan” has hinted at a new movie in the hit zombie franchise. Yeon Sang Ho, whose recent television series Call of Hell came out on Netflix this month, spoke to Variety about his future projects, including the future of his zombie universe.

In the interview, San Ho discussed a variety of interesting topics. When asked about a potential third installment to follow last year’s film Train to Busan 2: The Peninsula, San Ho said he had some ideas:

I think the zombie genre is very traditional, but at the same time, depending on what you bring to it, it can be completely new. Personally, I have some ideas about the further development of events after the “Peninsula”. However, since I am currently working on many projects, I think I need to streamline ideas and work on what I need to work on. Until now, I have been an individual creator. But now I think that maybe I need to come up with a system to really bring all my creative ideas to life.

As far as the story continues, it looks like we won’t get the TV adaptation of Trains to Busan, but San Ho has pondered this question well:

There are many ideas that I have pondered, but personally I think that “Train to Busan” I would like to continue as a series of films. In Korea, the circumstances are not very favorable for making a Korean-language TV series with visuals comparable to Train to Busan, and also, you know, I will have to interact with … the distributor with whom we worked on the original film. Therefore, I think that, taking into account all these conditions, the creation of a series of films would be the most appropriate.

After Peninsula offered a completely different experience than Train to Busan, San Ho hinted that in the next chapter he would return to his old form.

I would say that from the point of view of this universe, they will all be related to each other. Peninsula was a post-apocalyptic film that focused on the pursuit. The story I think about after that will be closer to “Train to Busan”, where the action will take place in a small and confined space. So in terms of genre, we can say that this is something between “Train to Busan” and “Peninsula”.

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