Finch, a new movie with Tom Hanks on APPLE TV +

Tom Hanks, a dog, a robot and a Town abandoned post-apocalyptic. These are the four elements of poster for Finch, a SF movie which will have premier on Apple TV + on November 5th. In the film, Tom Hanks interpret the role of Finch, an inventor who builds a robot to it ensure that dog or will have company after what he dies.

to kind that many other films produced in the the last two years, its launch Finch in the cinemas was put off of numberless or until When Apple a bought the movie for Apple TV +. Random, same his thing happen and with a other movie of his Tom Hanks, Greyhound, which was bought and the of by Apple TV +. With all these, the new movie will test the answer public face by Tom Hanks in-a story SF, a kind of movie in the which we are not COMMON Scomplicated tWe see Tom Hanks.

Finch is directed by British director Miguel Sapochnik. which it is not at all foreigner like SF, after directed by Repo Men and many episodes from SF series as well Fringe, Revolution, Falling Skies or Altered Carbon. Sapochnik also directed episode 9 (Battle of the Bastards), season 6 of game of Thrones, a highly regarded episode of by public.

Finch will be launched on November 5 exclusively on APPLE TV +, but until then we are waiting with impatience movie trailer.

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