The Little Prince-inspired Deiland Farmer Simulator Reissue Coming To PC And Xbox In December

Deiland – a simulator of a farmer, where an entire planet is in your possession. True, the planet is tiny, as in the story “The Little Prince”. The game is not new, and next month the studio Chibig will reissue it with a subtitle Pocket Planet on PC and Xbox.

Pocket Planet includes fresh music, features and more content, as well as improved graphics and a system of seasons. If you have the original for Steam (no longer sold), then you can get the updated version for free by filling out a special form.

Description of the plot sparingly for details:

Immerse yourself in Arco’s story of growing up, helping others, and uncovering the secrets that lie at the heart of your planet.

You have to fill the planet with trees, flowers and buildings, sow crops, care for animals, build spaceships, fight monsters and help those in need. Everything in order to make your home a “corner of happiness”.

Deiland shares one universe with Summer in mara – similar entertainment from Chibig… If you have played it, then in Deiland see familiar NPCs and locations.

Other features Pocket Planet:

  • A unique harvest for every season.

  • More than 12 characters to befriend.

  • Daily cycle.

  • Natural phenomena like meteor shower, storm, shooting star, aurora, and hurricane.

  • More than 100 tasks that reveal the secrets of the planet.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Coming December 2 on Xbox and December 8 on Steam with a starting 15% discount – for about $ 17. The re-release is now available on Nintendo Switch, while the original is available on PlayStation. In addition, there is a mobile version for iOS and Android (currently not available on Google Play).

Russian subtitles announced.

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