Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker players faced huge queues and errors

Despite the fact that Square Enix did a lot of work and tried to prepare its servers in advance for the arrival of a large number of players, spending a whole day on it, updating the server hardware and increasing the number of simultaneous logins did not help to avoid problems with the server load of MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

Early access to the highly anticipated Endwalker DLC kicked off today, and fans of the franchise eagerly rushed into the game but faced entry queues filled with thousands of other players, as well as errors preventing them from accessing their chosen server.

The main errors that players face when trying to access new content: 2002 and 5006 are caused by connection problems in the character select menu, and also due to the fact that the servers are too busy to process requests to enter the game.

This led many Final Fantasy 14 players to take to Twitter to pour out their hearts and let their friends and followers know about the overloaded server issue. People write that they are faced with a long queue and a series of errors, over and over again throwing them at the end of the queue.

Players have already assigned the “Savage” difficulty modifier to the entrance queue, which is a reference to raids in the game with increased difficulty.

Any launch of the new Final Fantasy expansion has had some difficulties in one way or another, and it was to be expected that Endwalker would be no exception.

Update: At the moment, problems with the entrance are being promptly resolved. The situation with queues is slowly stabilizing and many players can now enter the game without any apparent difficulties.

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