The Last Of Us series Joel and Ellie showed on video in a destroyed city

Video of the upcoming series leaked online The last of us from HBO, which showed Joel and Ellie walking together through the ruined city, among the streets filled with rusted cars.

The new video from the set of The Last of Us series, which is filmed based on the popular games The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us 2 from the Naughty Dog studio, showed the main characters in a desolate and ruined city. As spied, in a new video published on the official Twitter channel of The Last of Us series, Joel, Ellie and Tess are walking along a leafy road, among an abandoned city and rusted cars. The new videos look eerily similar to the games The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us 2 (“The Last of Us 2”). “There are quite a lot of fans on the crew and they said that a lot of the set is made very similar to The Last Of Us. In many sets, it feels like a person is in the game, ”said Bella Ramsey, the actress who plays Ellie on The Last of Us.

The shooting of The Last of Us is in full swing and many photos and videos from the set continue to appear on the network. More recently, The Last Of Us character, Joel, was portrayed by the actor Pedro Pascal. Popular actor Pedro Pascal told the fans of the upcoming series “The Last of Us” and the games The Last Of Us and The Last of Us: Part II in his last interview that he was honored and privileged to be in such a project. The actor also confirmed in an interview that he has started filming the popular TV series The Mandalorian season 3.

According to, the upcoming HBO series The Last of Us, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and is based on the popular games The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us 2, does not have an exact release date, but the series will tentatively be released in mid-2023 of the year.

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