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We previously reported on how George Cacioppo, senior vice president of engineering at Sony Interactive Entertainment, was fired from his position after a video footage of an anti-pedophile operation was released on the Internet.

Today it became known that People v. Preds, a group of vigilantes that publicize men allegedly engaged in pedophilia, are actively continuing their activities to “catch the wicked.” This time, none other than Nvidia’s senior account manager, Todd Weissman, was targeted by the anonymity destroyers.

According to Twitter user BanishedJourno, an independent group conducted an operation similar to the one designed to publicize George Cacioppo: People v. Preds, posing as a 15-year-old teenager, entered into correspondence with Weissman. Based on the screenshots provided by the source, the correspondence was again conducted over the Internet at the dating site Grindr.

It is difficult to give any guarantee about the reliability of the screenshots, if only because the time of the correspondence between the author and the likely Todd Weissman practically coincides in time with the correspondence between People v. Preds and George Cacioppo, which, however, also does not exclude the credibility of the source. In addition to screenshots, a video is posted on the source page, the operator of which exposes the man and calls him by his name: “Todd Wiseman.” It is worth noting that the man in question does indeed bear a superficial resemblance to Nvidia’s senior account manager.

BanishedJourno states that the above operation took place on October 7, 2023, but the user received a tip about it only recently. According to Weisman’s profile, he has been with Nvidia from March 2023 to this day. At the moment, the company has not yet taken any action against him. Shortly after the surgery, Todd Wiseman removed his profile picture from his LinkedIn page. However, an archive of the page with the original profile picture has been preserved on the network.

So far, one can only speculate what Nvidia will do with Todd Wiseman, but, in all likelihood, Wiseman, like Cacioppo, will be fired.

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