Stylish tactical brawls Fights in Tight Spaces will leave Early Access on December 2

Fights in Tight Spaces combines dynamic brawls with turn-based gameplay and stylish looks. The game has been in Early Access for several months and is now preparing for release.

The main process is built on cards: you get into trouble and start choosing techniques from the list of available actions. For example, you can dodge, throw a knife, push off the wall, expose his own comrade to the enemy’s blow, or simply break into the cabbage soup from the guard.

Actions have different effects, and cards are stacked in combos and pumped. You make the deck yourself – there are 150 cards to choose from. Fights are linked in chains of events, where there are random encounters, tasks and paths of development. For fans of something more competitive, there are daily missions with leaderboards.

Reviews in early access from Fights in Tight Spaces very positive – 94% at the time of writing. Users praise the gameplay and animations, and also describe the game as a mixture Into the Breach and Slay the spire

Release version Fights in Tight Spaces starts on December 2. It will add new levels, a number of fixes, achievements, support for additional languages ​​(including Russian) and “a few special surprises.” The game is currently available on PC (Steam, and Xbox.

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