Gamers love Halo Infinite, although there are drawbacks

The publisher Xbox Game Studios has released Halo Infinite. Basically, gamers are happy, but there are also shortcomings.

Halo Infinite has been anticipated by many, especially Microsoft fans, as it is an Xbox and PC exclusive. So far, the game has received 82 points out of 100 on Metacritic, but these are critical ratings, gamers will be given the right to speak out today at 23:00 Moscow time. On Steam, the game can be downloaded for free, that is, the developers will provide access to the multiplayer. But if you like the campaign, then you have to pay for it 2 999 rubles, and this edition (70 out of 100 on Metacritic) did not rate the plot.

Halo Infinite Steam Ratings

At the time of writing, 79% of the nearly 100,000 user reviews for Halo Infinite are positive. But not everything is so rosy, for example, the user Kamina notes the advantage of players with a gamepad, because they have an “aim-assist”. For some, the game crashes even if the system requirements are met.

Anyway, the first season has already begun in multiplayer with weekly events. The developers promise a large and open sandbox world, in which there are many friends and enemies, old and new.


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