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The group stage of the main tournament of the year in the discipline Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – M3 World Championship has just ended. The best teams from all over the world are invited to the championship, which showed themselves well this year. This tournament is a world championship, so the prize pool is large enough – 800 thousand dollars. Basically, teams from the Middle and Far East are represented at the tournament, but also one club from the CIS – “NaVi”, got to the championship. After the end of the group stage, the playoff bracket is almost completely determined. How was the group stage? Which teams were you able to surprise? Whose result was disappointing? You will learn about this in this article. And ggbet.ru bookmaker will help you to place bets on e-sports.

Group stage format

The tournament was attended by 16 teams, which were divided into 4 groups of four teams. At the end of the group stage, none of the clubs are eliminated, and the position in the table determines the playoff bracket in which the team will fall. The first two places go to the upper bracket, in which each team will have the right to make a mistake, and the last two to the lower bracket, where all matches will be eliminated. Each match in the group stage is played in the BO1 format (up to one win), each team plays against each. The group stage has already ended and you can discuss its results.

Group stage results

Group A

The most intense group of the entire stage, which ended with a tie-break for three teams. Filipinos from Blacklist International became the undisputed leaders, who easily won their three matches and advanced to the upper bracket of the playoffs without playing extra games. The other three teams finished the stage with statistics of 1-2, which means that they were waiting for a tie-break, in which a place in the upper bracket of the playoffs was played. And these lucky ones were the Turks from BEDEL, who needed only one victory in a tie-break. The Red Canids and Malvinas Gaming will start the playoffs from the bottom bracket with no margin for error.

Group B

In group B everything ended naturally and without incident. Filipinos from ONIC Philippines and Malaysians from TODAK advanced to the upper bracket, each of the teams had two wins, which means that in the lower part of the table, both teams had two defeats. The last two places were taken by Brazilians from Keyd Stars and Indonesians from ONIC Esports. These teams will start the playoffs with no margin for error.

Group C

The group in which the only team from the CIS played. Unfortunately, “NaVi” did not manage to get into the upper bracket, although the club was not far from this result. The CIS team could have beat the BloodThirstyKings, but it lacked quite a bit and this determined their place in the playoffs. Also, one cannot fail to mention the main outsider of the tournament and the contender for being eliminated from the playoffs in the first match – the team “See You Soon”. In the group stage matches, the Cambodians did not have a chance in any game, so you can hardly expect anything from them. Indonesians from EVOS SG and Americans from BloodThirstyKings entered the upper bracket of this group.

Group D

Everything went very smoothly and predictably in this group. The Indonesians from RRQ Hoshi took first place with no losses, followed immediately by RSG Singapore, who won two out of three matches. The Malaysians from Team SMG, who won only one match, and the GX Squad, who failed to win one victory and are the second contender to be eliminated in the first playoff match, will get into the lower bracket according to the results of this group.

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