Instead of GTA 6, GTA 5 was revealed on video with the weather indistinguishable from reality

A multi-million army of fans Rockstar games waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6, but instead of the announcement of the continuation of the franchise, they were revealed on video GTA 5 with new weather like in life and improved graphics.

Most gamers and fans of the American company Rockstar Games hope to see the announcement trailer in the near future Gta 6, but so far this is not happening, reports While the developers are in no hurry with this announcement, fans of the cult franchise are trying to rework their favorite part of the action series themselves. The gamer with the nickname Inter again decided to improve the graphics in the game and showed the result of his work in the gameplay video. This time, the creator of the video paid attention to the new weather system, which has now become practically the same as in life. He decided to show improved graphics not in the main game, but in GTA 5 Online on the island of Cayo Perico from one of the last major updates.

In the gameplay video, the author of the GTA 5 assembly with GTA 6-level graphics rode off-road vehicles through the mountains and hills of Cayo Perico Island, raced along local roads in sports cars, swam along the coast on a jet ski, and also flew over the location in a helicopter, reports. He showed different weather options, but the gamers seemed more like a thunderstorm. With the new modifications, the world looks very realistic in the rain, as the lighting, ray technology, raindrop handling and much more have changed. In addition, zippers began to look very impressive.

To create GTA 6 quality graphics in the action game, the gamer used several mods. He installed NaturalVision Evolved, the author of which reworked many aspects of the graphics engine to improve the detail of the world, the lighting system, add realistic reflections and many other elements. In addition, Inter has created its own version of the ReShade mod to make the graphics even more realistic. He managed to start such an assembly only with an RTX 3090 video card.

Insiders claim that the development of GTA 6 is in full swing. Unfortunately, the developers do not want to officially disclose Grand Theft Auto 6 yet. How many more years fans will have to wait for the release is also unknown.

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