Polina Gagarina showed her new boyfriend

Polina Gagarina Polina Gagarina

Famous Russian singer Polina Gagarina showed off her new boyfriend during the PARUS festival in Dubai.

The 34-year-old singer was spotted at a music festival accompanied by her new boyfriend. It turned out to be sound producer Vladimir Chinyaev, better known on the network under the pseudonym ChinKong. Polina Gagarina, together with Vladimir Chinyayev, were captured by photographers in the VIP box. Together they came to watch the performances of Russian musical performers Basta and Diana Arbenina. It is worth noting that Gagarina’s romance with Chinyaev has been talked about on the Internet for a long time. Back last year, fans concluded that the singer was dating music producer ChinKong.

Polina Gagarina divorced her past husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, at the end of last year. The network noted that her new lover Vladimir Chinyaev could become the reason for the divorce. Nevertheless, Polina Gagarina herself did not comment on this information in any way. In addition, the singer has not yet revealed her new relationship. The producer himself, Vladimir Chinyaev, also known as ChinKong, also does not comment on this.

Now Polina Gagarina is resting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), from where she actively shares numerous pictures with her Instagram followers. At the same time, the singer uploads photos in which she is captured either alone or with children. Polina Gagarina has no joint photographs with Vladimir Chinyaev.

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