Wolfstride – release of a stylish RPG game, Welcome to Rain City

OTA developer IMON Studios and publisher Raw Fury have announced the release of a stylish RPG called Wolfstride, in honor of which a new trailer has been released.

Wolfstride is an RPG about three friends with not very honest backgrounds who decide to change their lives once and for all. Having inherited the broken “Cowboy” fighting robot, they team up to take part in the most popular robot fighting championship called “The Absolute Golden God”.

Each team member is unique and ready to do anything to defeat the strongest opponents from all over the world. Dog mechanic Dookie, super pilot Knife Leopard and jack of all trades Dominic Shade are the perfect team … it would seem, what could have gone wrong?

Go to the arena and take part in the battles of giant robots. The turn-based battle scheme is favorable for those who think over the strategy in advance. Plan your moves to take an optimal position and unbalance your opponent. Use targeted strikes to wear down your opponent, and go overboard if the situation begins to escalate.

There is support for the Russian language!

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