Announced a Closed Beta Version of the Stealth Horror Hello Neighbor 2

TinyBuild has announced a closed beta for the upcoming stealth horror game Hello Neighbor 2, which won’t be available to pre-order users anytime soon – April 7, 2023. Although the developers originally planned to release the sequel before the end of 2023, they apparently faced some problems, and now the release of the full version of the game will take place only next year.

Recall that the events in Hello Neighbor 2 will unfold in the remote town of Raven Brooks, where players will take the role of a journalist who is investigating several missing people. Fans of the franchise are waiting for new characters with secrets, for the first time in the series an open world with a cycle of day / night and “Neighbor”, equipped with a neural network that will help him learn and adapt to the actions of the players.

Hello Neighbor 2 will be available on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Those interested can now play the alpha version of the game through the official website or Steam. Also, a new video from the IGN portal has become available on the network, which shows 5 minutes of the gameplay of the future sequel.


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