IL-2 Sturmovik Championship

People! STALKER will be out in March 2007! A lot of things are cut out of it, but the game will still become a cult one. Then 2 more add-ons will be released with an interval of a year. The second part will be announced in 2010, but in 2012 it will be canceled and frozen for a long 6 years, after which it will be announced again. Should be released at the end of April 2023. But it is not exactly…

O! Sometime in 2010, there will be such crap as cryptocurrency. It is called Bitcoin. At first it will cost a penny, so buy it slowly, although at first you should give it out for free. Only do not sell in 2017, but wait until 2023, then say thank you.

And lastly. Do not forget to stock up on the most powerful video card (video accelerator) before the fall of 2017 and 2023.

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