Awards 2023 will be the first annual award dedicated to the Russian-speaking gaming industry

In the West, there are many gaming awards, but in the Russian-speaking industry, there seems to be none – at least annually. The App2Top website is going to fix the situation.

The publication launched the Awards, whose goal is to draw attention to the success of domestic products and companies. The nominees were selected by the editors of the site, and the best of them, through a closed vote, will be identified by a hundred experts of the domestic gamedev and related businesses.

The winners will be announced on December 27th.

Perhaps, in the future, the organizers will collect applications for participation from developers.

Mobile Game of the Year

Desktop Game of the Year

Developer of the Year

  • FreePlay

  • Owlcat Games

  • Belka Games

  • Melsoft

  • Pixonic

  • Nexters

  • Panoramik Games

Investor of the Year

HR Brand of the Year


  • Playrix


  • Belka Games

  • Wargaming

  • Nekki / Banzai

  • SberGames

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