New Exclusive Mortal Kombat Trilogy HD Remake Screenshots From Eyeballistic


Recently it was reported that the studio Eyeballistic wanted to remake the original trilogy Mortal kombat trilogy… Apparently, Eyeballistic will hand this project over to Warner Bros. In addition, the team has revealed some new screenshots, which you can find below.

To spark interest, Eyeballistic created a petition. The team hopes that if enough players subscribe to it, it will “force” Warner Bros. to give the green light to the project.

These new HD remakes of all three Mortal Kombat games will use Unreal Engine 5. The team will recreate all characters and all levels in 3D. Note that the goal is to remake the first three games, not Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Eyeballistic has provided the following exclusive screenshots. These screenshots show some of the characters as well as some of the levels.

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