Rainbow Six Extraction went gold

Seems, Rainbow six extraction almost ready to go – Ubisoft stated that the game went to gold, that is, it is being sent to print.

Recall “Evacuation” Is a three-player cooperative shooter in which the heroes Rainbow six siege fighting mutants. PvP mode in the style of “Combat” from Left 4 dead not provided. The developers plan to maintain life in a network project without competitive multiplayer with the help of time-limited modes, tests and events. Read more about post-release content in this newsletter.

The game was announced back in June 2019 (then it was called Quarantine, but in light of recent events, the authors changed their name). Way Extraction it turned out to be thorny to the exit – the launch was postponed several times. With pre-orders, the militant is apparently not doing very well with pre-orders – otherwise how to explain the recent decision Ubisoft to reduce the price of new items by 20 bucks?

Rainbow six extraction launches January 20, 2023 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia.

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