Evacuation 2 starring Chris Hemsworth featured in first video

Evacuation 2 Evacuation 2

Popular actor Chris Hemsworth, better known to viewers for his role as Thor in the blockbuster “Avengers Endgame”, appeared in the first video of the future action movie “Evacuation 2”.

Chris Hemsworth confirmed in new teaser that his character Tyler Rake will appear in the film Netflix “Evacuation 2” (Extraction 2). Netflix officially unveiled Evacuation 2 during its global event, TUDUM, according to Gamebomb.ru. Tyler Rake returns to wreak havoc with firearms and epic hand-to-hand combat. Netflix also confirmed that production of Tyler Rake: Operation Rescue 2 will begin shortly. In the story, Tyler Rake is a former SASR operator in the Australian Army. Tyler Rake has a complex backstory that will be interesting for viewers to explore in the next Evacuation 2 movie.

The first action movie “Evacuation” or “Tyler Rake: Rescue Operation” was released in April 2023. In the first Evacuation movie, Avengers Endgame star Chris Hemsworth plays Tyler Reik, a mercenary hired to rescue and protect the son of an Indian drug lord who was kidnapped at a club and taken to Dhaka, Bangladesh. As of July 2023, Netflix released data showing Evacuation was the highest grossing film in Netflix history. With numbers like that, it’s only logical that the streaming service would approve of the sequel to Evacuation 2.

As it became known to Gamebomb.ru, viewers can only guess whether “Tyler Rake: Rescue Operation 2” with the star “The Avengers Finale” Chris Hemsworth will repeat the success of the first film. But fans are confident that Netflix will still manage to create another hit, starring Chris Hemsworth.

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