Locations from Black Desert in real life and in The Lord of the Rings,

One of the Black Desert players made a selection of cities from the game in the real world – as it turned out, Heidel is in France, and the designer of the elven Grana was clearly inspired by Rivendell.

In France, there is a village strikingly similar to Heidel – Benac-e-Kaznak. It is also located on a rocky cliff by the river (which is not uncommon for the warlike Middle Ages), and the buildings and streets are so reminiscent of Heidel, as if NPCs with quests should appear there.

Cappadocia is a place in Turkey similar to Altinova and the area around it. Of course, there are no dilapidated buildings made of sticks, but the entourage of a rocky wasteland is perfectly conveyed in the game.

Assisi is a city in Italy similar to the capital of Calpheon. It is noteworthy that, as in the case of the game, in reality it is a kind of religious center – the birthplace of Saints Fratsis and Clara.

Snowsill Manor is located in the United Kingdom and Olivia, once a starting location in Black Desert, is similar to her.

The most picturesque city in Black Desert – Grana – like many elven buildings in other games, is distinguished by graceful patterns, rivulets and as if carved from ivory. Such a place can only be seen in The Lord of the Rings – Rivendell, an elven refuge.

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