NCsoft To Release Major Update For MMORPG Lineage W

Lineage W will receive a major patch in which the developers will add a new region and playable class.

Publisher NCsoft has released a new video for Lineage W. There has been a focus on upcoming content, including a new content region, more class assignments, and a new class, Dark Elf. It is ideal for PvP by knocking down enemy armor. Starting this month, content will be gradually added to the game.

What’s going on with Lineage W?

The release of Lineage W did not go as expected by gamers. Instead of a global version that would unite all the continents of the Earth, the mobile MMORPG was released exclusively in Asia. Moreover, the release in Russia was postponed at the last moment, this is hinted at by the Russian localization available in the game.

But in a new video, the developers say Lineage W has surpassed NCsoft’s expectations. So far, the game has a 4.2 stars rating on Google Play. But the top comments are in Russian, so you can read them. Gamers complain about donation, teleportation to the midst of mobs, an unusual interface and the transcendental weight of the project.

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