Crossout adds new weapons, asymmetric PvP mode, and a revised Fortress map

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment rolled out another update for online car action Crossout“Holy motors”… Next – briefly about the main additives.

  • Fresh weapons and equipment:
    • The frontal machine gun “P-25 Guardian” increases the resistance to damage of its own vehicle when it hits the enemy.

    • In the Waltz swivel rocket launcher, each new missile in a salvo flies faster and hits harder than the previous one.

    • If at least half of the pellets from the Jormungand single-shot shotgun hit the enemy, the next shot will be fired with incendiary rounds.

    • The “Amulet” module increases the protection of the part attached to its power nodes by 30%.

  • PvP operation “Red Light”, where ten Survivors in their own armored vehicles fight two “infected” players who drive the pre-installed Devastator vehicles. The first team must get to the final point on the location, having completed all the tasks, and the second must prevent it. The members of the first team can be “infected” by simply crashing into their cars – then they will go over to the side of the second. Actions for both survivors and infected are counted.

  • The Fortress has returned to the pool of PvP cards. The authors reworked and changed objects on the level, updated vegetation, and also improved navigation on the map – for example, expanded the passages through which only small armored vehicles could squeeze earlier. In the design of the location, details about the plot and the world of the game are hidden.

More about Crossout in general and about the update “Holy motors” in particular, read on the project website.

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