Tarot cards will be added to Phasmophobia in one of the next updates.We found some mysterious cards …

Phasmophobia was released in September 2023 and quickly became one of the most popular horror games of the year. Players love it for the fact that there is something unusual about it, you can play it together with other players or catch ghosts alone. Previously, the game could not boast of content, but now the studio Kinetic Games, which created the game, strives to constantly replenish it with something new.

The lead artist tweeted that tarot cards will be added to the game in future updates. The artist’s message does not reveal details about the “Mystery Cards”, but states that some of them are missing and ponders what they might do.

One commentator suggests that these could be modifiers that will affect the gameplay both negatively and positively. However, at the moment, these are just speculations. Fans in the comments are eagerly awaiting the new addition to Phasmophobia, but it is not yet known what update it will come with and when the maps will be available. As many remember, it was announced that Phasmophobia will receive a Christmas update with additional content such as a summoning circle, a tortured voodoo doll, and possibly a few questions for the Ouija board.

Given this information, it can be assumed that tarot cards will be added in the next update.

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