The Great War Rivals – a strategy about the First World War with Nicholas II

The Great War Rivals will tell you about the events of the First World War, but what will become of Emperor Nicholas II?

The Great War Rivals is a mobile strategy game with cartoon graphics, the description of which says: “You will learn everything about the events of the First World War.” Indeed, already at the start, the troops of Nicholas II with tank divisions surround the fortress of William II and capture it without resistance.

After completing the training, we have to equip the empire, creating new towers and forming an army. At this stage, you realize that this is a geo-strategy like Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. The choice is given to choose two sides of the conflict: the Germans and the Russians. Beginners should not be afraid – the city is protected by an energy shield. Only when it subsides will enemy states start attacking you.

To advance in The Great War Rivals, you need to complete missions, join an alliance and hire rare generals. But there is one problem – the same William II, according to the developers, refers to the Confederate States of America. The same goes for the Bulgarian Lieutenant General Ivan Kolev.

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