The developers of New World refused to link GS to expertise for items from crafting, quests and factions.In other cases, the average value of the equipment level will be used

Amazon had to listen to the MMORPG New World community and partially abandon plans to tie Gear Score to forensics, which caused a flurry of outrage, especially among crafters.

The changes are now being tested on the TCP and will come into effect early next year, after which the GS of the item will not exceed the expertise of its owner. The developers decided to make three exceptions to this rule: for equipment created by the player himself using a profession, received as a reward for completing a task or purchased from a faction store.

Also, if you give a specific example, the mechanics will look like this: a weapon or armor with 600 GS, when a player is judged at 520, will have 560 GS. That is, the average value is taken. The team will also work on balancing the new resource – gypsum.

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