Screenwriter Sony Santa Monica stood up for review on Halo Infinite, advising not to pay attention to Sony fans


Sony Santa Monica screenwriter Alana Pearce stood up for an IGN journalist who “dared” to post a positive review of Halo Infinite multiplayer, and was harassed by PlayStation fans.

It all started when Stella Chang, one of the contributors to IGN, shared her review of the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite, giving a positive review to the project.

Such an act did not please some of Sony fans, who immediately, without choosing words, accused the author of incompetence and venality, saying that Stella had not played the game, and this review was “ordered” by Microsoft:

I don’t understand how many people still think that reviewers are paid to give good or bad marks. I very honestly talked about Halo Infinite as my first dive into Halo. This guy swears that he will try to “expose” me, but I’m already an open book, no? – Stella Chang responded to the accusation.

After a while, Sony Santa Monica scriptwriter Alana Pearce also joined the discussion, who in a commentary on the post advised not to pay attention to the “console warriors”, since they are trying to slander the game (Halo Infinite) just because it is not a game from Sony studios:

He is a console warrior. There are hordes of them on Twitter, and there is no point in answering them because everything they say is unfair: the dude WANTS Halo to be bad because he is a PlayStation fan. Nothing you say in excuse will affect the agenda he is promoting.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer mode was released on November 15th. Multiplayer is available completely free for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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