New Saints Row giant open world game revealed on video

Company Deep silver showed a new gameplay video of an open world shooter Saints row rebootwhere you can see the sun-drenched plains and neon-drenched streets of the city of Santo Ileso.

New trailer Saints Row 2023 shows gamers driving sites and a little exploration of the city of Santo Ileso, which is the backdrop for the new adventures of the gang of Saints. As spied, most of the time the new trailer for Saints Row Reboot is devoted to various types of terrain in the open world of the game. Also, the gameplay video shows real action scenes and allows you to get an idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe style of the upcoming shooter Saints Row Reboot. The new Saints Row will consist of 15 unique neighborhoods spread across Santo Ileso. Creative Director Brian Traficante, who comments on the new video, describes 3 of the city’s 15 boroughs. The Rancho Providencia area is one of the dirtiest areas of Santo Ileso, with old buildings reflecting the city’s true age. The Lakeshore area is the most modern, described as an urban jungle with skyscrapers and busy streets. And the Monte Vista area, home to powerful and wealthy people with expensive gated communities and posh cars. All of these places in Saints Row 5 players will be able to explore by car, motorcycle or plane. The new trailer features pre-alpha gameplay for the game and introduces the new Saints Row, which is still in development. Therefore, the graphics shown should not be considered final for the future game.

The action game Saints Row Reboot will feature new characters and a unique setting unlike the previous games of the popular franchise. The game will have many warring criminal groups that are trying to completely capture the city of Santo Ileso. The city of Santo Ileso is divided into nine districts that differ markedly from each other. Since the game has several areas with their own unique environments, the developers from Deep Silver Volition promised different ways to move around these locations. The developers also confirmed that the new Saints Row will have a cooperative mode that will allow up to three players to enjoy the game at the same time.

According to, the upcoming open-world action game Saints Row Reboot will be released on February 25, 2023 and will be very different from previous games in the Saints Row series. The release of the new action game will take place on the PC, as well as on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

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