Recruiters talk about video game developer salaries

Analysts from HeadHunter and Universal University conducted research and found out what salaries specialists in the field of video game development receive in Russia. The demand for such specialists is growing in almost all regions of the country.

Recruiters talk about video game developer salaries

Kirill Bilyk

The research was carried out by analysts from HeadHunter and the Scream School of game development, which is part of the University of Creative Industries Universal University.

Comparison of the first quarters of 2019 with the 2023th number of vacancies for the positions of game designers, game developers, graphic designers and related professionals almost doubled – from 2.3 thousand to 4.3 thousand.

The lack of personnel is experienced by such regions as the Kaliningrad region, Tatarstan, the Novosibirsk region – the number of vacancies in them increased in the first quarter of 2023 by 60%, 54% and 35%, respectively. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, there were 19% and 10%, respectively, of vacant positions in the field of game development.

“The video game market is growing very quickly, and along with it the demand for specialized specialists is growing: there are more and more vacancies, and their number outstrips the number of resumes from applicants,” said Alexey Lobov, head of the recruitment department at MY.GAMES.

The most sought-after majors in video game development are iOS, Android, Unity, C ++ and Goland developers. The highest salary is offered to iOS programmers – 139 thousand rubles, and Android – 185 thousand rubles. Mobile game development in Russia is growing by 25-30% annually.

Also in demand are specialists who write in C # for Unity, or Unity developers – their average salary is 111 thousand rubles. C ++ and Golang developers can expect the highest pay. Back-end developers of computer games are offered on average 130 thousand rubles for C ++ and 150 thousand rubles for Golang. Despite the fact that GO specialists receive more, the demand for them is almost half that of C ++.

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