Pre-registration for Castle War: Idle Island is open

For Castle War: Idle Island, pages appeared in the App Store and Google Play. What to expect from her?

Castle War: Idle Island is a mobile strategy game with cartoon graphics that will be released on smartphones. The project is tailored for PvP in the “auto-chess” format, in order to win you have to build towers, create weapons and lead magicians with mercenaries into battle. In addition, players will build a castle with an eye on their own style of play: defensive or aggressive.

For the siege of castles in Castle War, special weapons are used (ballistae, trebuchets, catapults and cannons). Also in the armory, you can improve weapons, turning them from standard to legendary. Even kings and queens, after pumping the troops, are able to fight in the test mode with other players.

Castle War is developed by Plug in Digital, which has already been featured in our news, for example, about the Heck Deck card game. In the new project, the emphasis will be on arcade battles with the ability to buy cards for gold and build your own winning deck.

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