Keanu Reeves advises new fans on which of his films to watch first


Keanu Reeves decided to share his opinion on which of his films to watch first with new fans before diving into the rest of his filmography. Following his debut in the 1986 feature Young Blood, Reeves landed his breakthrough role in the 1989 film Bill and Ted’s The Incredible Adventures, which he will reprise in its 1991 sequel and 2023 triquel. Reeves also established himself as one of the main actors in the action genre with the 1991 Riding the Wave and Speed.

Although his films will be largely unsuccessful commercially and with rather low reviews over the next few years, Reeves will be exonerated in the well-received and critically acclaimed 1997 thriller The Devil’s Advocate, and will head the new Wachowski franchise shortly thereafter. Matrix”. Further, films up until the early 2010s often seemed quite controversial. During this period, Reeves starred in a wide variety of films, from the iconic adaptation of the comics “Constantine”, adaptation of “Cloudy” by Richard Linklater and the well-received directorial debut of Reeves “Master of Tai Chi”, to the critically-received romantic drama “The Lake House” and fantasy action “47 Ronin”. Reeves regained incredible popularity in 2014, when he played John Wick in the action movie of the same name, which already has two sequels and a fourth part on the way, as well as the long-awaited film “The Matrix: Resurrection”.

Keanu Reeves recently sat down for an interview with Esquire, reflecting on his career, during which he was asked what three films he would recommend to new fans in the first place to get to know him as an actor and a person. After some deliberation, Reeves ultimately chose the Matrix trilogy as his first, followed by The Devil’s Advocate and On the Crest of the Wave. Reeves noted that he has no favorites among them, as he has “incredible memories of all these films,” but said that it was especially thrilling to work with Al Pacino on “Devil’s Advocate”.

Keanu Reeves fans may be surprised that he hasn’t listed any of the films in the John Wick or Speed ​​franchise as the key to getting to know the star. However, if you look at the selected films, you will notice that they actually represent a good range of his on-screen acting. Also, when Reeves explains that his decisions come from his hopes that audiences recognize him as a person in these films as much as an actor, the films selected do have some of his most accepted characters.

With John Wick 4 currently in production and The Matrix Resurrection just a month away from release, Keanu Reeves’ resurgence in popularity is just beginning and he is sure to gain a slew of new fans. Additionally, with Reeves joining the all-star cast of DC’s animated comedy Super Pets and developing an R-rated adaptation of his BRZRKR comic, the new comic book audience is likely to take a closer look at his past work.

The wait for The Matrix Resurrection is nearing its end with a December 22nd release in theaters and on HBO Max.

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