Another Raccoon City? Watch the first teaser for Netflix’s Resident Evil series

I did not have time to die off one opus in the universe Resident evil, how Netflix is already teasing the next franchise project. In one of Instagram-accounts of the service, a short and not very informative video about the project appeared, but it was quickly deleted. Now on the net you can find only overfills.

In the video, we are shown the classic monster of the series – the infected dog Cerberus, as well as the logo of the series. There is no release date or any more detailed details in the teaser. So far, it has only been officially announced that a black actor will play Albert Wesker in the series. Information came from various sources that the action would unfold in two timelines, in one of which Wesker’s daughters will investigate their father’s dirty affairs in the past, and in the other they will survive in a world where millions of people are infected with the virus.

Previous series from Netflix on Resident Evil, animated Infinite darkness, received mixed reviews from audiences and critics. A full-fledged film showed itself approximately the same way. Resident Evil: Raccoon Citywhich is still in theaters.

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