Old Playable Character Returns to Guilty Gear: Strive – Baiken

Developers Guilty Gear: Strive announced the upcoming DLC, which will return to the roster of the game an old playable character – a Japanese woman Baiken… The expansion is planned to be released towards the end of January next year, and it will also become the penultimate one. DLCthat will be included in the Season Pass.

Many players have complained about her absence in the new part of the series. The situation did not improve either Baiken did not show up in the leak. However, given the popularity of the series’ regulars, many expected it to be released in an expansion. Even so, it was difficult to predict whether she would be included in the first Season Pass or whether she would be a guest of the second.

In his combat options, although not all fans need it, the samurai stands out from the rest of the roster. Such a distinguishing feature is the ability, without spending any resources, to interrupt its recovery after blocking an attack. In addition to good defense, a very quick reception that breaks a block in seated characters is added to the pluses.
Also, to some extent, I managed to play a fighting game on this hype. Samurai shodownadding Baiken as a guest character in their fourth Season Pass.

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