Black Desert Mobile celebrates its second anniversary, New Lands in Valencia and many themed events

“Season 6: Haul & Hustle” has started in SnowRunner. This expanded the game world to include Maine. Ultimately, the player will have access to two additional maps, two new vehicles and other improvements.

At the start, you will not have simple functions – repair and refueling. At the same time, there are two new maps to go, both with mud and snow. Two new vehicles will help you with this: the 8-wheel “forest specialist” Aramatsu Forwarder with an integrated crane and log trailer, and the powerful 6-wheel Tayga 6455B SUV, capable of tackling both snow and deep mud.

A free update is also available for SnowRunner. It adds features such as crossplay between consoles and Steam, and later on Xbox One.

In addition, the photo mode appeared. With the Freecam camera and numerous effects, players will be able to capture the wildlife of SnowRunner in the future. Also, as the description says, other vehicle improvements have been added.

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